Business Growth Tips: Post Covid Business Marketing Tips for 2024

Business Growth Tips

Business Growth Tips: Post Covid Business Marketing Tips for 2024

Thank God, For Keeping Us Safe! So, if you are reading this post then its clear that you are looking for more business growth tips & ideas. So why delay? Lets’ read some of the best business growth ideas from the experts at RankON Technologies.

The Covid-19 Outbreak has ruined almost everything, from our livings, our routines, and unfortunately our businesses too!

But, now when things are coming back to life, you also should recollect all your enthusiasm, knowledge, confidence, strength and come back to work again. So here we are going to discuss how you can use digital marketing to save and grow your business.

It’s High Time To Give Your Business A Restart

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Impact Of Lockdown On Businesses

Lockdown On Businesses

Undeniably, the lockdown due to the Covid-19 Outbreak has emerged as the toughest phase for every business.

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Real Estate, Automobiles, Electronics, and Furniture are the names of just-a-few industries that got brazenly affected. Countries fell economically, malls/shopping complexes got closed, numerous lost jobs, several businesses ceased and what not!

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But, we shouldn’t forget,

There’s A Gleaming Bright Morning After Every Dusky Night.

The Biggest Threat Of All Business owners!

In a few recent days, we came across several small and medium-sized business owners.

We found a single threat existential in all of them.

They have a fear that bigger companies will be in a better position to take advantage of the reopenings. They are also afraid that they will also be not able to produce more as there wouldn’t be a heavy number of clients/customers.

In a few simple words, the fear is of:

Increased Competition + A Fewer No. Customers/Clients

How Digital Marketing Can Help Me to Grow My Business?

Grow My Business 768x370 1

You want to achieve a lot in your life and want to be a successful business owner! Isn’t it?

You have your objectives set, your roadmap to success is clear, then what’s lacking behind?

It’s indeed the absence of Digital Marketing Strategies that’s ceasing your way!

To increase your knowledge spectrum about the power of Digital Marketing Industry, we’ve here enclosed a few facts:


  • Amazon is one of the biggest brands of the current date and it still uses Digital Marketing
  • Godaddy is one of the biggest hosting/domain selling company and you can find their ads on many platforms
  • Facebook, the gigantic social media platform and it is still using digital marketing Now talking about India!
  • India is the 2nd Largest Online Market In The World
  • The Indian Digital Media Segment is set for commotion with growth expected to reach INR 24,920 Crore by 2024; with digital ad spends expected to grow at 23-28%.

I think the factsabove are enough to drive your attention to the power of Digital Marketing in India and across the world.

In our long-stretch experience as a Digital Marketing Agency in India, we have dealt with hundreds of businesses.

We have made them thrive in their industries by telling them the secrets of  Digital Marketing.

There are a number of things that make Digital Marketing commendable for any business.

A new 6 months old business can generate better revenue than 10 years old business if the old one is not using digital marketing and missing new business opportunities daily.

Few of the practical instances in which digital marketing can helpare illustrated below:-

It’s not always necessary that customers will knock yourdoor, you can also reach to theirsocial media accounts and show some amazing discounts to get great sales quickly. In this way, you will be able to increase the perimeter of your customer horizon. You have spent millions on your shop/office interiors and have good stock but how will you customer know it?Again,  Digital Marketing is the ultimate solution. It will help you promote your products/services in front of your customers.

2 Types Of Businesses That Needs To Ponder Upon Digital Marketing Services

Ponder Upon Digital Marketing

If you are a business owner that understands the worth and power of Digital Marketing and is leveraging it to fulfil your dreams, then you’re certainly far from all sorts of business downfalls. However, if you are the one that belongs to one of the two categories below then it’s high time for you to think of it again:

One That Never Utilised Digital Marketing Services

Look down the scenario to understand the loss you’ve suffered till now and the loss you’ll experience in the future.

Suppose, by not leveraging digital marketing services you loose 2-3 business opportunities per day.

This comes out approx. 100 Business Opportunities in a month and 1200  Business Opportunities in a year.

Assume the amount you have already wasted and assume the amount you’ll now waste if you’ll still not open your eyes.

One That Ceased Digital Marketing Operations During The Lockdown

By taking this step, you have actually hit an ax on your own foot.

It is the time when the ambience of industries has changed and your competitors are likely to come up with an even stronger marketing strategy. So, regain the digital marketing services and don’t let your competitors win the battle so easily. Start using it today to find untapped business opportunities!

Why Businesses Should Give A Second Thought For Incorporating Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Your business is the main source of your income. Isn’t it?

If you’ll hesitate on spending money on it how will it help you in achieving your dreams?

We have been dedicated to this booming industry for the last 8 years and have seen exponential progress in businesses after leveraging our digital marketing services.

The stats aren’t just confined to our clients, we have seen our own company progressing at a lightning-fast speed after correctly utilizing Digital Marketing solutions.

co1 768x328 1

Believe Us……It feels great to have several customers in a queue. Furthermore, it feels great while watching our company website ranking high on every competitive keyword in SERP.

Count On The Benefits Of Digital Marketing Alias Risk-Free Marketing

Digital Marketing offers great profits at least investment without any risks.

Here are a few points that will help you know the worth of Digital Marketing.

  • Win-Win Situation

You have a lot to gain and least to spend. Even if you don’t get results instantly you will observe the positive results in a few months.

  • Dominate your Industry

It’s the time when every business is living a hard phase. You can make this time to become a pioneer by correctly utilizing Digital Marketing Services.

  • Make New Customers

Consider this phase as the revival of your business. You can get new customers by leveraging Digital Marketing Services.

  • Re-Target Your Existing Customers

Don’t let your past customers go anyway to your competitors. Digital Marketing can help you to get them back. Know how much do digital marketing packages cost.

5. How Can Digital Marketing Be Helpful For Businesses In Achieving Their Specific Objectives?

Digital Marketing is a broad niche with several elements like SEO servicesSMO servicesPPC servicesFacebook Advertising ServicesInstagram Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, LinkedIn MarketingORM ServicesPinterest Marketing, and so on!

These elements bring a particular set of benefits and help business owners to fulfil their specific needs.

All you have to get the best returns of the digital marketing elements is to recognise which one can suit your objectives.

Though it can be a bit complex for you as a business owner of a different domain, the support/suggestion of a professional digital marketing agency can help you make the decision.

To know which Digital Marketing element for your business can help your business grow after lockdown, read the blog on!

After enduring great loss, you would probably like to have instant gains for your business.

What can help?

instant gains

Regardless of the competition, Google Ads can help you play from the front foot.

If you’re a restaurant owner who is sliding the shutter of his restaurant up after 3-4 months and wishing for orders of food delivery from the first day of reopening, PPC marketing services can help.

Again, if you own an e-commerce store of ladies’ products or home products and need instant sales, Google Ads can be a rescuer. Check our PPC packages here.

Google ads benefits

Besides these, there are many more scenarios where Google Ads can work as a GameChanger. Here are some:

Scenarios in Which Google Ads Can help:

  • You need instant sales or conversions.
  • You need to target people of particular interest, behavior, age, gender, etc.

Benefits of Running Google Ads Campaign:

You Can Target Your Competitor’s Audience

You can redirect the way of your competitors to your store.

You Can Remarket People

You can use Google Ads to target people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

You Can Filter Out Audience

Unlike print media advertisements that are accessible to all, you can use filter properties in Google Ads. You can target people based on age, gender, interest behavior.

You Have Complete Control

You have full authority to schedule your ads. You can enable or disable ads anytime.

You Get Qualified Audience

People searching on Google have an “Intent”. It is highly probable for a visitor to get converted into a potential customer on Google Ads.

Read more benefits of Google Ads.

(ii) Facebook/Instagram Ads: Minimize Disruptions

So, Lockdown has created an invisible gap between you and your customers.

FB Results

It’s time to fill this gap by being available to them everywhere.

Utilize Facebook marketing services to be accessible on the news feed of your customers and run Facebook/Instagram ads campaign to sell your products/services.

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Either you’re a health coach or an e-commerce store of beauty products who are looking for customers, don’t make delays in using Facebook Advertising. Know how to advertise on Facebook.

Check our Facebook marketing packages here.

Facebook ads benifits

Scenarios in Which Facebook/Instagram Can help:

  • You require to stay connected with your customers and employees.
  • You need to use additional channels to showcase your products and services.
  • You want to build your brand.
  • You require the most affordable marketing strategy.
  • You require to show your products/ services to a specific set of audience.

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Benefits of Running Facebook/ Instagram Ads Campaign:

  • You Get Robust Analytics

Facebook gives you so much control when it comes to tracking and calculating the progress of your ads.

  • You Create Ads To Your Specific Objective

You can create customizable ads that will reflect your brand and target audience for a better response.

  • You Can Remarket People You Have Already Interacted

You can use Facebook marketing and Instagram promotion to target people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

  • You Can Easily Find New Leads

Once you find the audience that converts quickly, it’s probable to get more by using Facebook’s “lookalike audiences.”

(iii) Linkedin Ads: Make Newer B2B Connections

Now its time to regain brand name in the market.

How LinkedIn Ads can help?

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads can help your business to reach out to professionals and skilled audiences, who get influenced more than any other people in the world.

As LinkedIn has enhanced its advertising platform named Campaign Manager, new tools have been provided that can help you in achieving your business goals.

Categories of LinkedIn Ads:

Sponsored Content:

LinkedIn supports Sponsored Content in LinkedIn posts which include the image, video, and many others.

Direct Sponsored Content:

Direct Sponsored Content ads aim at direct messages to LinkedIn members but it should be noted that LinkedIn members can block the email ads from their end if they don’t want to.

Text Ads:

LinkedIn Text Ads provides banners for desktops which usually appear on the top which include short headlines and are measured by the pay-per-click process.

Scenarios in Which Linked Ads Can help:

  • You require your business to come into sight of other businesses
  • You require to grow your audience.
  • You need to run sponsored content.

Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

  • You Can Approach A Professional And Skilled Audience

You can use the LinkedIn platform to have higher incomes than any other social media platform.

  • You Can Channelize Audience

 You can channelize the audience according to industry-based variables

  • You Can Filter The Audience

You can approach the audience by specifying variables such as Skills, Industry, Company Size, etc.

  • You Can Focus On Brand Awareness

You can regain your brand awareness goal and attain a lead in the market.

  • You Can RunA Variety Of Ads Including Video, Text And Many More

LinkedIn offers you various tracks for ads such as Video Ads, Dynamic Ads, Carousel Ads, Display Ads. It helps in updating your way of advertising your business to become an eye-catcher.

Lasting Results

SEO: Get Long-Lasting Results

You have seen so many financial hardships in recent 2-3 months and aren’t in a state to bear more.

SEO Results
Lasting Results1

No worries, Digital Marketing still has a solution for you!

Search Engine Optimization services can help you get business outcomes at least investments with an expert SEO company.

It is a long-lasting marketing strategy that helps in improving brand online reputation and gets you organic traffic. Check our SEO packages here. Check how to do our small business SEO services work.

Scenarios in Which SEO Can help:

  • You require lifetime value for your business.
  • You require to increase the trust and credibility of your business.
  • You need Engagement, Traffic, and Conversions.
  • You need new opportunities.

Benefits of SEO

  • You will get Organic Traffic

Unlike ad campaigns, where you have to pay to get customers, SEO helps you to get customers organically.

  • You will Get Higher Conversion Rates

As SEO makes more customers familiar with your brand, there is a great possibility for customers to convert.

  • You will Get Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the degree to which the target market identifies a brand. With SEO, more customers are likely to know your product or service.

E-Mail Marketing: Communicate More Professionally

Now as Unlock 1.0 is released, if you are afraid of getting dominated by large scale businesses, email marketing can prove to be a boon to relaunch your business and acquire a place in the market.

You can initiate email marketing by sending a simple message “We were never apart now we are back on track”.

To get closer to them, you can share content like:

  1. Advice- Find the real problems that customers are facing right now and guide them with an appropriate solution.
  2. Blogs/Post: If you are in the field of blogging or posting your thoughts, share preview using emails.

Scenarios in Which E-Mail Marketing Can help

  • You require to build your brand credibility.
  • You require to strengthen relationships.
  • You require to build your brand.
  • You require to promote your services.
  • Make your existing customers loyal and increase sales by offering some discounts and send them an email.

Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Mail Marketing
  • You Can Communicate Professionally

You can use business emails to communicate professionally with your customers or stakeholders. 

  • You Can Establish Trust

Your company’s business domain name will help establish trust in front of customers.

  • You can Make People Aware Of Discounts/Offers etc.

You can use E-Mails to help people know about new discounts and offers you have launched.


This is how different elements of Digital Marketing can save your business from falling after lockdown.

Now don’t spend more time thinking, and instantly hire a digital marketing agency to help your business prosper.

You can choose to hire RankON Technologies, we’ll provide you with comprehensive Digital Marketing Services that will work best for your business.

It’s true that danger is not yet over, but we can’t sit idle for long. We have to keep working hard to get our lives back on track while taking every possible precaution.

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Throughout my career, I have helped numerous companies increase their online visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads through effective digital marketing strategies. I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, across a variety of industries.

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