20 Reasons Your Website Can Have High Bounce Rate

You spend a lot of money and time to make an attractive website that attract the users right away. And you are spending a lot of money and time to get a high amount of traffic on your website.
But when you see a high bounce rate on your website, you always wonder why it’s happening with your website?, where did you go wrong?
Here you will get the answers of all your questions. In this blog, we will discuss few major reasons of high bounce rate on your website that you never noticed. The blog includes:

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is defined as the number of visitors who landed on your website but exited it without browsing it further or continuing to visit other pages on your website.

According to RocketFuel Study, most websites will see a bounce rate between 26% to 70%.

According to the gathered data, the bounce rate fall in the following ranges:

  1. 25% or lower: Something is broken
  2. 26% to 40%: Excellent
  3. 41% to 55%: Average
  4. 56% to 70%: Higher than normal
  5. 70% or above: Bad

You can check the Overall Bounce Rate for your site in the Audience Overview Tab Of Google Analytics.

You can also check your bounce rate for individual pages in the behavior column of most views in Google Analytics.

What is Exit Rate?

The exit rate is defined as the percentage of visitors leaving a particular page of a site after visiting a few pages on it. It provides the information of specific pages and measuring the number of visitors who left from a specific page no matter how many other pages they have visited before exiting the site. All bounces are exits, but not all exits are bounces.

Bounce Rate Formula:

The bounce rate can be calculated by dividing the total number of one-page visits to the total number of entrance visits. And exit rate can be calculated by dividing the total exits from page to total visits to page.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate= Total number of one-page visits / Total number of entrance visits

Exit Rate

Exit Rate= Total exits from page / Total visits to page

Reasons For A High Bounce Rate

These are the following reasons for a high bounce rate of your website.

Table Of Contents

1. Slow Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is one of the important factor that affects the bounce rate of a site. Google wants to promote content that provides good user experience and they consider that a slow site will provide a poor experience. This is one of the important factors of Bounce rate.The golden rule is that users will leave your site if your website can’t load in 4 seconds and make them wait for more than 4 seconds.You can review the site’s loading speed using the tools like:

  1. Pingdom
  2. GTMetrix
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights

2. Low-Quality Content

The next factor of bounce rate is Low Quality Content on Your Website. People generally land on your website to know about a particular subject. If your content doesn’t speak about the user’s needs, then such individuals will quickly bounce back from your site to another competing site.Make sure that you understand your audience fully and make engaging content that answers your visitors’ questions.

The content of your landing page must communicate to your visitors:

  1. You understand their query or problem
  2. You have a solution that can solve their problems.
  3. They just have to take the steps stated in the content

If a visitor fails to get any of these points, they are going to bounce to another site quickly.

One possibility is that your content is great but you have not optimized it properly.

  1. Are you writing in simple and easy to understand sentences?
  2. Have you used any images in the content to make it more interactive for your visitor?
  3. Have you used headers to make the content more understandable?

Try to enhance your writing skills to help your visitor understand it properly and make him engaged on your site.

3. Technical Error

The next bounce rate factor is Website technical error. If your bounce rate is high and the user is not spending more than a few seconds on your site, then it is possible that the landing page is either blank, returning a 404 or not loading properly.

Try to go through the page like a normal visitor and check:

  1. Is the content good enough to answer the queries of a user?
  2. Is website loading properly?
  3. Is the design of your website is easy on the eyes?
  4. Is there any error that makes your user leave immediately?

If there are any such errors, you should take care of them immediately and then you might see the downfall in page’s bounce rate.You can also check in Google Search Console under Coverage to know about the issue from Google’s perspective and then resolve them as soon as possible to reduce the bounce rate of your site, also to avoid the consequences in the SERPs.

4. Poor User Experience of Your Website

If your visitor bounce from your landing pages and doesn’t spend more than a few seconds then there might be a possibility that the user experience is poor. Its one of the most important factors of high bounce rate of your website.If your colors are not pleasing, the layout is not organized, there are many irrelevant images, navigation is not easy, then your bounce rate will likely increase as the user doesn’t understand what do you want them to do next. Instead, go for a lean UX (i.e. have a simple and pleasant design of your site) to make your user happy and make him engaged on your site.

5. Bad Landing Page Experience

When a user lands on a web-page and user interface is very bad, web design is not good, texts are hard to read and understand, and they didn’t find what they were looking for, the user quickly leave the web-page instead of going further. This can increase the bounce rate of the website.

6. Use of Misleading Meta Title or Description

Have you checked if the meta title and meta description of your landing page are relevant to the content? If not, then visitors may enter in your website but may not find what they were looking for and leave the page without going further. Review the meta title & description of your landing page to make it more relevant as per the content of that page. This is also an important reason of high bounce rate of any site.

7. Bombarding Visitors with Ads

Are you bombarding your visitors with ads, email subscription form, pop-up surveys, small videos? Certain types of banner ads are very distracting and can increase the bounce rate for your website. Be careful of what types of ads you are using. If your site is ad-supported, make sure you use ad relevant to the content of your website. If you are doing it then fix it asap to reduce bounce rate of our website.

8. Improper Google Analytics Setup

It is possible that you have not implemented Google Analytics Setup properly and tracking codes to all the web-pages of your website.

9. Not So Mobile Friendly

45% of visitors come from mobile phones and if your website doesn’t perform well on mobiles, it can increase the bounce rate of your website. You should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, its loading speed on mobile is good and the user interface is also better. This way users can browse to other web-pages of your website instead of leaving the web-page. This decreases the bounce rate of your website.

This is one of the most important reasons of high bounce rate of any website.

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10. Poor Backlinks

There is a possibility that you have been doing everything perfectly from your end to lower the bounce rate but still have a high bounce rate on your website.The referring site could be sending you wrong visitors or the anchor text to which your link is attached is misleading.

You can reach out to the author of those websites and ask them politely to remove your link from their site, but if needed you can update your disavow file in Search Console. This will not remove your link but tells Google not to consider the links when determining the quality of your website.

11. Visitors Seeing Something Unrelated to What They Came For

Manyatimes the heading of the page is irrelevant with the content and visitor doesn’t see what they were looking for.

For Example, You created an ad for “Amazing Diet Foods” but the customer lands on the page stating “Weight Loss Exercises”. People came for supplements and didn’t find anything related to it. This can increase the bounce rate of your website.

12. Sending Wrong People to a Landing Page

Anyone with a budget can drive a ton of traffic to their landing page but the question is whether you are driving the RIGHT traffic to your landing page or not? The Right traffic means visitors that convert into a customer because:

  1. They are within your targeted audience
  2. They are influenced by your pitch before coming to the landing page.

The right traffic will know what your landing page is about as they will be expecting it. This way you will earn their trust and conversions.

13. Poor Grammar and Spelling Errors on the Landing Page

This is also one of the important reason user bounce back from the landing page. Visitors are looking for any reason to not buy products or services and give you their personal & credit card information. Do not give them any reason for this. Make your landing page free from grammatical & spelling errors. You can employ someone who can speak good English to review every content you produce for your landing pages. There are various sites where you can review such errors:

  1. https://www.grammarly.com
  2. https://wordy.com
  3. https://proofreadingpal.com

14. Excessive Use of Attention-Grabbing Graphics

If your website has excessive use of attention-grabbing graphics and images, then it can distract the visitor coming to your website. When the landing page is full of distracting images, it lowers the readability of the web-page and increases the bounce rate of the website.Using the images in content is great but only when it is relevant to the content on that page.

15. Too Many Questions

It is a general rule that you should not be asking too much information in the lead form that you are not going to use to help your potential customers on their next visit. The long lead forms sometimes irritate the visitors as they do not want to give a lot of irrelevant information.

16. Your Website Content is Self-Sufficient

There are cases where the user gets everything he was looking for from your website.

There are landing pages that have great content and some just have a lead form to fill it.If the user is spending a couple of minutes or more, then it is a positive sign and Google considers that your site providing some quality content to your visitors and this type of user intent is excellent.If the user is spending less than a minute on that page, then try to make your content more engaging for your visitors to increase the spending time of the user on the website.

17. A Few Pages Contributing Disproportionally

Your website might have some pages that are contributing disproportionally to the overall bounce rate of your website. So, if your single call to action landing pages reasonably satisfy user intent and user bounce quickly after taking the actions, but your longer content pages have a lower bounce rate, then it is a positive sign for your site.

18. Broken Links

If the visitor is coming to the landing page from the referring site that no longer works, they will be seeing 404 Page Error instead of what they were looking for. This will make the user leave the page immediately increasing the bounce rate of your web-page.

19. Poor Web Design

A poor web design can leave a bad mark on the mind of the visitor & distract them. It can also reduce the time spent on the website by the visitor. Everybody likes to look at beautiful things and web-pages are no different than that. Make sure your web design is simple yet attractive to the eyes of a visitor as this will make them engaged on your website. Poor web design or layout provokes high bounce rates. Check features of a good website.

20. Autoplay Videos

Most of the times the users browse the internet at public places or having people around. It gets really awkward when a user opens a web-page and a video starts playing automatically with the sound on. Most of the users turn off the page instead of finding a pause button. This leads to the increment of the bounce rate of your website.

These are few reasons that increase the bounce rate of your website. Always make sure you don’t commit these mistakes on your website otherwise your website will also suffer from a high bounce rate.

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