Blog Vs Vlog: What Is The Difference Between Blog And Vlog

Blog Vs Vlog

Blog Vs Vlog: What Is The Difference Between Blog And Vlog

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Every day, thousands of bloggers and vloggers are starting their new blog or YouTube channel with the hope to make more money and establish their business as a brand. Today, we are going to learn the difference between blog and vlog and complete analysis on blog vs Vlog and blog vs vlog income. Keep reading ?

Blogs, as well as Vlog both, have emerged as an effective marketing tool for corporates, brands, companies, and individuals as well. There are platforms like WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, and Blogger that can be used for creating a blog, and we have platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and more that can be used for Vlogging.

Blogging Or Vlogging: Which One Has More Potential?

The internet is flooded with success stories of many bloggers and vloggers. If you are planning to explore the revenue earning potential of the internet through blogging or vlogging then it is important to know what is vlogging and blogging.

A Blog, as well as a vlog, revolve around content, the major difference is, that in the blog the topic is discussed through written content, whereas in the vlog the content is explained through video.

Nowadays, many people are turning to the internet to start their blogs or YouTube channel with the hope to start earning money. But before jumping on blogging vs. YouTube income, first, learn the basic difference between a blog and a vlog.

Difference Between Blog And Vlog?


What Is a Blog?

What is a Blog

Blogging has emerged as one of the most popular means to connect with online users. The blog is more like an online log of topics penned down by the blogger.

The reason blog has become popular it is easy to start and you don’t have to invest any money in it. Many platforms allow you to start a blog free of cost.

To start a blog you only need impeccable writing skills. If you are planning to start a blog on a subject that can be best explained through content by splitting up into bullet points and paragraphs then blogging can prove beneficial.

The blog is more like a journal where a writer express their views, ideas or share information that could be found relevant by a certain group of readers and they might follow the blog to get the latest updates on the blog.

A blog can be a great platform for expressing personal views and thoughts as well.

Nowadays, many people are turning to the internet to start their blogs or YouTube channel with the hope to start earning money. But before jumping on blogging vs. YouTube income, first, learn the basic difference between a blog and a vlog.

What Is a Vlog?

What is A Vlog

A vlog is a short video blog that explains video content. A Vlog can be of short duration or it can be long videos depending on topics and coverage.

To start a vlog you need an explanatory video where a certain topic is discussed in a video format. For Vlogging you need certain equipment like a high-quality camera, microphone, knowledge of video editing, someone for recording the video. You can even make a video using your high-end smartphone as well.

Even a shooting of a small video can take up to 4 hours! So you have to invest a good amount of time and money in updating a vlog.

Since vlogs have become highly popular, now many bloggers have incorporated vlogs in their blogs to make the platform more relevant and content-rich.

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No matter which means you choose to express you must be aware of the strength and weaknesses of both platforms. It does not matter which means one chooses to connect with the online users, focusing on quality is a must to make your blog or vlog successful.

Blog Vs YouTube

Starting a blog is easy but earning money with the blog is not that easy. Creating a genuine and regular readership is not easy and for that, one must have a good knowledge of SEO as well. Know what are SEO Services and How Much  SEO Cost.

While creating the post choose the topics and focus on keywords that have the potential to bring readers to the blog.

Optimize the blog for the readers as well as for the search engine and get organic leads and a committed readership. Affiliate marketing. Adsense, banners, email marketing, and sponsored post could help a blogger in earning revenue. For that, you need to update the blog with quality and relevant content from time to time.

To earn decent revenue through the YouTube videos you need a minimum of 1000 views daily, whereas a low-traffic blog could help you in making a few hundred dollars per month. Music blogs, product review vlogs, gaming, comedy, fashion, fitness, and education are some of the popular types of a vlog.

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Blog Vs Vlog Income

Blog Vs Vlog Income

Both the platform has the potential to bring revenue. To earn money through a Youtube channel or Vlog you need a big number of subscribers. The more people subscribe to your channel and watch videos regularly, the more revenue you can earn.

There are youtube channels that are earning huge revenue. Since videos are more engaging and content with pictures or that appears more like a conversation has higher retention value and they are easy to follow as well.

There are blogs with millions of regular followers that are making a decent amount of money without any special marketing tricks. Choosing the right topic and engagingly providing genuine and relevant information can make any blog post a success. Adding media with the post can also improve the blog value.

All in all, it is the relevance of the content and the number of users connected to your blog or vlog that define your success in terms of popularity as well as revenue earning.

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