App Marketing Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Mobile App in India?

App Marketing Cost

App Marketing Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Mobile App in India?

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An app marketing cost includes research of the market that defines it and the needs that the app will meet. Today, we will learn how much it cost to market a mobile app in 2024. Let’s dive right into the app marketing cost blog.

The famous duopoly – Google’s Play Store marketplace and Apple’s App Store – wholly dominate the app store environment. With the overall number of smartphone applications and web users only using a couple of apps daily, app growth is overgrowing and shows no signs of slowing down.

The question arises as to how much it cost to market an app. Today’s mobile app marketing charges are split into three phases: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. They encompass the whole lifetime of an app and can be divided into three stages.

What is a Mobile App?

A mobile app is a software application that is designed to be used on a mobile phone. They are usually associated with smartphones, but apps can also be used on other mobile devices. Some common uses for mobile apps include accessing the internet, managing personal information, and communicating with others.

Factors That Affect Mobile App Marketing Cost

Please have a look at the factors that affect the cost of app marketing.

  • App market research
  • App beta testing
  • ASO tool
  • App marketing agency
  • App PR outreach
  • Influencer marketing
  • Average cost per install
  • Cost per action

App marketers have spent much in recent years. App install commercials are one of the essential elements of any app marketing strategy budget. Studies show that Asia-Pacific area countries accounted for most app install charges, with China, India, Japan, Indonesia topping the list.

One needs to know the kind of app marketing activities marketers need to allocate and spend their budget on. It begins with the pre-launch process, which entails marketing before the app’s release, once the app is released, various app marketing tools are used to reach out to the app’s audience and, hopefully, reach the top rankings, and finally, the third level, which entails maintaining the app’s development and expanding its user base.

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App Pre-Launch Costs

App Launch

Market tests must be done before any measures are made. Beta testing ensures that a new app is ready for delivery and that any glitches will not cause abacklash until it is released. App Store Optimization, which sures that future customers can notice an app, will entice them to buy and use it afterwards.

At this pre-market time, the media attention of numerous magazines, covered by Influencers, and taking various steps to tap into viral marketing are all relevant. It’s essential to develop recognition for an app before it’s launched since users know when to go to app stores and download it as soon as it’s available.

Furthermore, all marketing tools, such as a website, Social Media pages, and any visuals associated with it, must be ready to build a consistent look for a product through all marketing platforms from which app consumers can discover it.

App Beta Testing Costs

App Beta Testing Costs

An app must be checked before it can be launched to the market to ensure that it meets the demands of its consumers. According to one study, beta testing before releasing an app will cost up to $5,000. A variety of beta testing sites now have an online subscription option, with prices varying depending on the number of beta testers involved.

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App Store Optimization Costs

App Store

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is the method of fine-tuning a mobile app’s advertisement copy – Keywords, title, definition, screenshots, and icon – to increase the chances of being discovered by new consumers in an app store. To do ASO with an app, brands and independent developers may do it in-house
whether they have the necessary skills, use online software, or employ an app development firm. App Store Optimization is a benefit that advertisers or app creators must pay for as part of an app marketing package by hiring an app marketing firm.

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App PR Outreach Costs


PR outreach and pitching an app to online media with a press release or direct contact is a well-established app marketing strategy. This method takes time and ensures that you have formed partnerships with the media to maximize the likelihood of your app being covered.

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Influencer Marketing Costs

Influencer Marketing Costs

Manipulating the potential of influencer marketing is a new development in many markets, including the smartphone industry. Influencers will provide marketers and software creators with something traditionally only available to celebrities.

Viral Marketing Costs

Viral Marketing Costs

Viral marketing does not entail any costs; some app brands may attempt to ignite it by launching TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube paid ad campaigns to spread the word about an app and eventually get it viral with no additional costs down the road.

App Promotion Charges


Any smartphone app, regardless of genre or difficulty, necessitates creating an online presence in the form of a website and social media outlets on all major networks, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

App creators and brands have two options for creating a website: contact a web design company or use an online website designer. While the development of social media pages is easy, the visuals for each should be professionally designed to ensure visual continuity for an app’s brand online. Hire an expert social media marketing company for your app promotion. Visit our social media marketing packages now!

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Mobile App Acquisition Costs

Mobile App Acquisition Costs

When we look at the total costs of a mobile app marketing plan, we find that cost per install is only one of several costs, including cost per registration, cost per reservation, cost per purchase, cost per in-app purchase, and eventually cost per subscription. Since smartphone consumers don’t need to make any financial contribution at this stage, it’s the cheapest action app advertisers want them to take.

App Launch & Post Launch Costs

Campaign launch

CPI, or Cost-Per-Install, and CPA, or Cost-Per-Action, are two app marketing costs that can dominate the balance sheet until a new app is ready to launch. Both brands and independent app developers will need to spend a significant portion of their app marketing budget on acquiring users for their app and even
more on getting them to take the expected action– register an account, make an in-app purchase, subscribe to a service, or make a reservation.

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App User Actions Costs

App User Actions Costs

The other necessary app marketing costs that must be measured to conduct an effective app marketing strategy outweighs Cost-Per-Install in importance since it represents the most critical part of app marketing. CPI (Cost Per Install) campaigns are only applicable to mobile apps. Publishers use advertising through various platforms in a Cost Per Install strategy to encourage users to instal the promotional app. When the application is installed, the brand is paid a set or bid fee. The CPI is calculated by dividing the total ad spend by the number of instals.

Installing a mobile app is just the first phase along the app life cycle; for a mobile app to be successful, software advertisers must convince their app customers to perform an action that the app recommends, such as registering, creating a reservation, making an in-app purchase, purchasing a physical product or
service, or subscribing to a plan regularly.

Push Notifications Platforms Costs

Push Notifications Platforms Costs

Push Notifications services are one of the most powerful and commonly used mobile app marketing techniques. They enable app marketers to engage with their app’s consumer base to maintain their attention and prevent churning, which is a terrible issue they must contend with.


By adding up all of the product mentioned above mobile app marketing costs, we will arrive at a figure of at least $10k, which is needed to plan an app’s go-to marketing campaign. Since the app business is too crowded, it’s no longer feasible to dream of doing app marketing for free, regardless of the industry or app’s intent.

Since app marketers’ ultimate battle is for people’s time and interest, allocating the app marketing budget to marketing platforms capable of delivering the message to prospective app consumers when necessary and responsive has become critical.

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