Google has come up with a new Word Press Plugin that brings insights from different Google tools.  The Plugin was launched on Thursday 31st October 2019 by Google and is available globally for Word Press Users.


Site Kit Plugin is basically a Word Press Plugin that helps the user get insights from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Page Speed Insights and AdSense on their Word Press Dashboard.


What does Site Kit WordPress PlugIn Do?

  • Measures your site’s traffic and performance.
  • It helps you to make money from your informative online content.
  • Analyzes your site and suggest ways to make it faster.
  • Tells about your site’s user engagement.

How Does It Help Website Owners?

If you are an owner of a Word Press website and regularly test the improvement of your website on various tools, this plugin can work best for you.


With the help of this plugin, you can monitor the performance of your website without navigating across different tools.



  • You can easily understand stats directly on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Authentic data from official Google Tools.

How Does It Help Developers or Agencies?

If you are a developer of WordPress websites, and in your everyday life you’ve to handle several websites, then Site Kit is for you. Site Kit is the one-stop solution to organize, manage, and get insights from different Google tools to improve the performance of websites.



  • No need to copy data from multiple tools to compile reports for clients.
  • Improvement recommendations directly from Google Tools.

How Does It Help Hosting Providers?

If you work as a hosting provider, Site Kit provides a scalable, easy way for your users to access Google tools and metrics.



  • Flexible UI, Easy linking to official Google tools.
  • Customers need not edit source code.

How To Install Google Site Kit PlugIn?

Google’s Site Kit PlugIn can be installed in a few simple steps.

The step-by-step solution to install Google Site Kit Plugin is explained below:-


1. Go To Word press Dashboard

Word press Dashboard

2. Click on Plugins Option which is present on the left-side of the screen. Select “Add New” Option.

Add New Plugin Section

3. Go To Search Bar And Type “Site Kit By Google”

Site Kit By Google

4. Now Click On Install Now

Plugin Install

5. After Installing Click On Activate Button

Plugin Activate

6. Now You Have Activated The Site Kit Plugin. You will see this dashboard and click on “START Set UP”

Site Kit Plugin Setup

7. To verify the ownership of the website connect your Google account to site kit

connect your Google account to site kit

8. After Verification Of Ownership Click on “Allow” Button

Verification Of Ownership

9. After Verification and setting up of search console, click on “Go To My Dashboard”

Go To My Dashboard

10. Now You Can Connect With Multiple Platforms Of Google.

Multiple Platforms Of Google

11. Click On Google Analytics “Connect Services” In Dashboard

 Google Analytics

12. Get Connected With Google Analytics.

Google Analytics


In this way, you can connect with Google Search Console, Page Speed Insights, Google Analytics and Google AdSense on your Word Press Dashboard.


Other Advanatges of Site Kit PlugIn:-

  • You will get a notification on your dashboard.
  • No extra coding skills required.
  • Easy Installation Process.
  • Clear and Authentic stats from different Google Tools.
  • Get stats for your entire site and also get per-page insights.

If you’re an owner of a WordPress website then install this tremendous plugin to get data from different Google Products at your WordPress Dashboard.


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Alok Tiwari

Alok Tiwari

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