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25 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Everyone wants their Website to become popular. Right?  But how?
“How can i drive traffic to my website?”
Do you have the same question? Driving traffic to your website is not a cakewalk but also it’s not that difficult.
The number of visitors on your site during a particular time interval is Website Traffic. Website Traffic is important as it increases your opportunity to generate leads, solve their problems & sell your products/services, gain new customers, and grow your business.
The Larger the number of visitors on a site the better for your website!
Increasing your website traffic is not just about making profits. More traffic on your website, in the long run, will help you grow your business (not only profits), expand your products/services, conduct better Research & Development & provide amazing content. There are many opportunities out there…..
With more traffic and the amount of time the user spends on your website, there are better chances to get a higher ranking on Google.

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Check Out Our 25 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

1. Find High Volume, Low Competition Keywords


If you want to drive traffic to your website, the first step is to do Keyword Research.
You can use various tools like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer or Keyword Planner by Google. Choose the keywords which have low competition & high searches, and most relevant to your webpage. You can also use LSI keywords in your content.

2. Internal Linking

Linking one page to another page within a website is Internal Linking. The strength of a website doesn’t always rely on how many links you get from other websites; it can also get affected by your internal links.
When you are publishing content on your website always try to keep an eye on the opportunities for internal linking. This is one of the important feature a good website must have.

3. Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is a new strategy where you seek an opportunity to write blogs for other websites. In return, the site owner usually allows you to link back to your own website.

It Increases:

  1. Website Traffic
  2. Awareness of the brand
  3. Quality Backlinks

It is one of the trusted ways to build backlinks for your website.

4. Answer On Quora:

Quora is a platform to gain & share knowledge in the form of Q/A. You can ask and answer questions on Quora. This platform is useful in driving quality traffic for your website.

So, how do you drive traffic through Quora?

There are 2 aspects of this:

  1. Find the right questions relevant to the niche of your website
  2. Answer the questions well

5. Promote Your Content On Various Online Platforms

It is not enough to publish the content and wishing that it will reach out to the viewers automatically. You have to put effort on your part too. You can promote your content on various online platforms like social media, forums, YouTube, etc.

6. Rank Videos On YouTube

Make videos related to your blog & try to optimize them properly so that they start ranking on YouTube. For this, you can check out our blog How to get your videos ranked on YouTube.

If you are not skilled then contact any Youtube marketing company for best results.

7. Update Outdated Content On Your Website

Keep checking those blogs which are outdated & not performing well, you can rephrase & republish the content. This will help you to have fresh & updated content, and improve the website traffic.

8. Go On Podcasts


Podcasts are digital audio files on the internet. Podcasts are very popular nowadays. This is a new way to promote your content & drive more traffic to your website.

9. Collaborate With Other Brands

Try to collaborate with other brands related to your business as this will help you to gain a larger audience. This is one of the best methods to drive traffic to your website effectively.

10. Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

This is one of the most popular & effective ways to gain an audience for your brand. Find social media influencers related to the niche of your website and collaborate with them.For Example, There are many influencers on Twitter who have millions of followers, you can ask them to review your brand & post something about it. This way your brand will reach out to larger audiences. The skyscraper will ultimately drive traffic to your website.

11. Use Cocktail Technique

Cocktail Technique

If you have two different blogs on similar topics & not giving better traffic, then you can merge those blogs & create a new blog from the content of both the blogs. This technique is called Cocktail Technique.

12. Use The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is a simple technique to convert your content into a high-quality backlink. In this technique, you look for the popular blog topics and try to make something better than those blogs.
For example, there is a blog “10 ways to drive traffic to your site”. With the help of the Skyscraper Technique, you write a blog on “20 ways to drive traffic to your site.”

13. Invite Guest Bloggers

Invite Guest Bloggers to write for your website. In return, many of the guest bloggers usually ask for a backlink to their website. You can exchange links with their websites & that will help you to drive traffic to your website.

14. Run Paid Ads


This technique is not hidden from anyone. You can Advertise on GoogleFacebook & other platforms to reach out for more audience. Also, you can run Retargeting Ads for the visitors who have already visited your website to keep them engaged.

15. Host Webinars:

Webinars are the seminars that are hosted on a digital platform. You can combine it with a social promotion campaign to drive traffic to your website. Hosting a webinar is an effective way as people love to learn new things.

16. Implement Schema

Schema is a rich snippet that gives the results to the searches of any user on the top of the SERP page. Implement schema codes on your website with the help of, this will help you to rank higher on SERP pages & in turn boost the traffic.

17. Get Interviewed

You can become an influencer & give interviews on the related websites about your brand. This way it will help you to drive more traffic to your website.

18. Use E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is the most underrated an effective way to boost traffic to your website. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters. Make a list of your visitors & start sending e-mails about the latest updates, discounts or offers on your website. It will engage your visitors to your website. Remember; don’t stalk them with your e-mails. This may frustrate your visitors.

19. Stand Out With Your Comments

Commenting on a blog is not that effective to drive traffic but you can make it effective by making your comments stand out from others. Always comment on the relevant blogs & review them in your comment. Remember; don’t spam your comments by flooding it with the links.

20. Use Broken Link Building Technique

Broken Link Building

For this technique, you can use tools like Ahrefs to find blogs related to the niche of your website which is now 404 or broken. Write a blog on the same topic on your website & then reach out to the referring domains of that broken link to exchange those broken links with your blog.

21. Host/Sponsor Events

This is one of the most unique ways to create brand awareness among a large audience. Ever noticed signboards or different companies in a sports match? This is just like that. You can host or sponsor any online or offline event. This will give your brand a large exposure which will also boost your website traffic.

22. Build Your Audience On Social Media

Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have millions of users. You can reach out to millions of potential users if you work on them regularly. Create social media accounts of your business and be active on them. Post regular content on them & keep your audience engaged.

23. Become Co-Author

Search for blogs related to the niche of your website. Reach out to them & suggest the changes & corrections on their blog if you find any. This way you can ask them to mention you as a co-author of that particular blog & you will get a link to your website which will help you to generate traffic on your site.

24. Use Forums

Make account on online forums & search for the topics relevant to the niche of your website. Start giving your suggestions & opinions related to the topic of discussion. You can also ask people to visit your website. And again remember that don’t spam the discussions with links.

25. Participate In Local Facebook/LinkedIn Groups

There are various local groups made on Facebook & LinkedIn with tons of members. You can join local groups related to your business & be active on them. Regularly post on those groups & try to engage your audience. This will help you in driving the traffic to your website.These are few methods that you can implement for your website to drive more traffic & generate positive outcomes.
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